Fully guided journey meditations for anyone, that take you on a discovery of your inner self, your inner wisdom and your true self to discover and connect to a new understanding of your magic power to heal


Beautiful YOU - Powerful Online Workshop

A series of meditations to empower women that, weave  and guide those who choose,  through the pathways of self. Those places  within  us that hide all those emotions;, blocks and deterrents that prevent us from standing tall in the true beauty of who we really are.

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I love group meditations as you have an accumulated energy of like minded people and the meditations always seem to journey into a place that everyone needs. Everyone experiences their journey differently and this can enhance your own individual experience.It is a wonderful way to rebalance each week.

Private meditations are specifically tailored to the individual and are preceded with a reading that informs you about what you need to focus on in your life to move forward into your own power to create and walk your true path. The meditation then reflects that. I love that they are so powerful and can create an energy shift that you, the individual have allowed.

  • MEDITATE to let go of our conscious control and reside for a time in our inner calm.
  • BREATHE in the calm energy of universal air, focus on this breath as a gift of life that calms and relaxes our mind and body and takes us to a place of openness for our inner adventure.
  • TRUST the gift of time you have given yourself to allow a journey into a peaceful sanctuary of self.
  • IMAGINE meeting that part of you that holds the key to your absolute joy and love of self. Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life's coming attractions.
  • AWAKEN the connection to the core of your shadow and light self that holds the answers to what keeps you from being complete and living your dream.
  • DISCOVER your inner power to release the heaviness of life to begin to understand that this life we live is truly a gift of emotions and experiences. When we feel we know we are alive.
  • RELEASE the fears of our conscious mind to create a life of beautiful possibilities
  • HEAL to walk your true path and LIVE your life, not exist for it

Meditaions are 1.5 hours. Evening and daytime available.

Group meditations(includes discussion time):
$20 for 1 session
$90 for 5 sessions

Private Meditations(includes 1/2 hr reading):
$90 per session

Come and try and bring a friend for free.

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