If you have ever felt like there is something more, something missing in your life

you find yourself feeling lost in it all or disconnected from true joy

or just dont know the answer to WHO AM I

At Shadows of Self you can choose to learn, embrace and let go of all that holds you back and hides your true potential......you.

Intuitive healings

Approximately 2 hr sessions. For these healings I meditate to connect to guides, healers, spirit that are there for the individual to give guidance and tools to use to learn to live a life that you want to jump out of bed in the morning for. These sessions can involve 1 or more of the healing modalities and all begin with a tarot reading to determine why you have chosen to gift yourself a healing. Most people experience a shift in their energy and find they begin to deal differently in their every day lives.


Perceptive/tarot. I work with the tarot as a trigger and confirmation of the information I receive asa medium for spirit. Experience through readings with tarot a mirror that reflects your highs and lows of life as it is. As I am a healer my readings reflect that and usually give information about what you can do to understand and make sense of your true direction in your life.

Reiki and Seichem

Energy work using universal energy to heal and release blockages, within the physical and auric body.

Chakra balancing 

Your chakras are the energy life force of the soul and body. If these are out of alignment then the impact can be affecting all areas of your life. I work to balance and align the 7 main chakras.

Spirit Healing

This healing is performed with you sitting down in a chair . I act as a channel for high level healing to be directed into your body to balance and relieve negative energy in the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body. It is extremely relaxing and calming.

NLP/Journey work

This is a form of counselling that works drectly with the emotions learnt through traumatic experiences. Releasing of the  physical or emotional limiting beliefs by being guided on a meditative journey to revisit, acknowledge, communicate and release the blocks that have tied you down by emotionally damaging experiences,

I love this modality as you dont need to relive the experience you visit it as an older , wiser self and gift yourself the tools to release the damaging effect of trauma that can hold you back from living life to the fullest.

Akashic Records

Answers your questions as to why you are living the life you are by accessing your soul records. This is a fantastic way to learn why you seem to be experiencing the same type of situations in your life. If you dont know why certain things keep happening to you then this may give you insight. By accessing your Akashic records you allow the problems to surface in your current life to be dealt with and let go of.  You need to allow 2 hours for these readings. It does depend on how many questions you have as to the time needed.

Private meditations are specifically tailored to the individual and are preceded with a reading that informs you about what you need to focus on in your life to move forward into your own power to create and walk your true path. The meditation then reflects that. I love that they are so powerful and can create an energy shift that you, the individual have allowed.


Healings and Readings $100 per hour.


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