Shadows Of Self



I am Natalie. I am a healer. 

Shadows of Self is my journey, my path to fulfill a dream to heal others and myself, to bring more happiness, laughter and joy to this world we live in.

I believe in the power of the mind and the power of our emotions. Both these make up the essence of who we are and therefore I believe that they hold the key to travel into and create a life of possibilities, constant involvement and achievement of our dreams.

I believe that every day is a gift from the earth, the universe and from our-self that is something to be grateful for in each moment we exist in.

I started my healing when I was younger. I trained as a registered nurse at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia in the 80’s. I then worked in the U.K. as a nurse and travelled. Back to Australia to work and have a family. I loved nursing and it was inspiring in many ways however after having children I began to want to know more about treating the cause of illness and disease instead of treating the symptoms.

I always felt inadequate in the sense that people came to the hospital to fix their body in some way and then left to continue their lives not having gained the understanding of why they had been sick. The body is an amazing machine and everything works with each other within so when an imbalance occurs it can affect other systems in the body.

I needed to learn more about where our imbalances came from in the first place. My search guided me to learn about neuro- linguistic programming. A tool that deals with the emotions left by traumas experienced in our life. I loved this form of counselling as it worked on an unconscious level and didn’t require the revisiting of the trauma experienced. I have found so many answers to my troubled life through this modality and it was empowering.

I studied this and began working with people. The results were encouraging however there was more I wanted. This was the tip of what I could do to change unhappiness in lives. I began studying various alternative therapies. Most that worked with energy and I came to the realization that everything is made up of energy. Us, the earth, the air, the sun….everything that sustains us in our existence was linked and connected somehow.

I studied Reiki and Seichem an energy healing modality and this began to open up my world to spirituality.

A belief I knew by now that we are all connected and affected by energy.  I began to explore a field of medium ship through the teachings of Brett Favaloro to understand and learn how to connect into someone’s energy to assess, inform and heal them through words, hands, sound and thought.  I studied areas such as chakras, spirit healing, akashic records, past life regression, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairscentience,, medium and psychic development. With all this continual learning I found I was discovering and connecting to my true self.

In this part of my journey I was beginning to understand the power of the light and the shadows and how in our lives we can choose either. I began to understand how we are trained from a young age to live a linear life…one of sameness, ideals, beliefs, dreams, thoughts all created for us by those outside of us. This was confusing for a time and then as I began to change my thoughts to resonate with my heart, choose my actions and words through my heart space not my mind space I began to manifest a life I had only ever wished for…hadn’t even been able to imagine.

In the evolvement of it all I stepped into a place of trust of self which led me to a form of intuitive healing where I exchanged my learning and connection to my heart and spirit and energy, all that I knew, with those that came to me for some guidance in their life.
I can only say that I have been lost, I have been scared, I have been confused and I have been angry and sad in a way that ruled my everyday and the energy I used to try to be a better person was exhausting. I now know I am worthy of all I desire. As I acknowledge that my desires become less and less. Simpler in the wants and needs. Perfect in their soul of calm, peace, love and knowing.

The unknown is my guiding light and that is where I exist now. In that I live a life of delicious possibilities and continue to change and grow and be me.

If I can help others to become their truth and all that comes with it ,to love all parts of themselves then that is a journey that I honour and embrace and believe in.



I am love as love is heart.

I am heart as heart is joy .

I am joy as joy is innocence.

I am innocence as innocence is clarity.

I am clarity as clarity is flow.

I am flow as flow is evolvement.

I am evolvement as evolvement is acknowledgment.

I am acknowledgment as acknowledgment is gratitude.

I am gratitude as gratitude is a gift.

I am a gift as a gift is what my life is to me.

If I start my day with that then each moment is a gift of surprise, a gift of encounter, a gift of exchange, a gift of gratitude.

One which I gladly share


Natalie Kennedy

  • Trained Registered Nurse
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Reiki and Seichem Master



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