Beautiful You

I began a journey with a close friend of mine, Kim Bleeze.

She wanted to create a series of meditations that would empower women. What we both didn’t realize was that to create this we would have to walk the same path of self discovery to be able to find the connection and the words and all that empowered each one. And so it began……….

A discovery of myself that would end up with the creation of  7 amazing meditations.

That, as a series,  weave  and guide those who choose,  through the pathways of self. Those places  within  us that hide all those emotions, blocks and deterrents that prevent us from standing tall in the true beauty of who we really are.

I know this; we are all individuals, all who in our own beautiful unique way have a place within this grand universe we reside. The trick is to really believe our place is worthy of being held, that our place is needed for the web of life to continue to survive.

In creating this series I realized that my place is “my home”. As I gave the time to myself to travel and empty and let go off what I don’t need in “my home”.

I began to realise the absolute joy of just being me.

I ask you to take a chance on this journey. It has been created with time, love, tears, tantrums, absolutely nots!!!, laughter , joy and discovery.

So if you want to connect to your space , no matter what that is to you ,  then I invite you to purchase this series of BEAUTIFUL YOU meditations and go on your own journey.







Beautiful YOU - Powerful Online Workshop

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